We Love You, Mom



I am so sad to let you know that Rene Orgeron passed away peacefully in her sleep on Sunday, April 19, 2009. She was a beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend to many. She will be greatly missed. Please know that she has gone home to God.

We love you, Mom.


I bought a metal purse frame several years ago. Finally decided to try my hand at making a fancy pouch bag.

img_0781purse-red-sideThis is the red side








img_0783blue-sideBlue side of purse



lace, ribbons, beads





I need to redo the strap, it is croched with a Satin cord. The stitches kept slipping, so I need to find some other method for a handle.

I also need to cover the inside stitches on the beading that holds the handle to the fabric.

And last for the day is my best friend Missy who is looking at her 15 year Birthday in November, so we both have these Senior Moments.


This is a small Journal I have started for my DIL Terra.

img_0752The cover is decorated in ribbons and lace.








erikFirst page with Terra’s name and son Erik, butterfly wings and big hat





shoesthe back cover with some green shoes!

pages in the journal have bits and pieces of handwork which she likes.





I did not fill the pages with all kinds of stuff, that’s her job, she is a pretty good photographer, so the journal will be for notes and copies. She will add what she needs. Terra is also a beader, her ideas and work are so delicate.

I always have problems when it comes to bloging. Can’t seem to get things to go into the places I want them to be. Plus finding the right words to say what I am thinking , do not come to me as quickly as in the past.

They say April has 30 days. I’ll try an post on the Easter Sunday.

I sat today thinking about the Easter’s I had in the past.

Life has changed so much. People are in such a hurry, and far to casual to find things to set up simple occasions to create memories for the family.






















Our world is spinning so fast we don’t have time to do fun and sweet things for our families.

I am praying for my family to take notice of things, you know stop and smell the roses.

I have been working on a few things in February and March will try and share some with you. I am finding it harder to set at the sewing machine, or work on large quilts. So I have turned to small things.

I’ll look and fine some to share.cover







This is a little journal I did for March.

page 1img_0770page-1









This is a pretty lady in her garden.

page 2page-2








Pretty red roses

page 3page-3





Butterfly in the garden




page 4page-4




My sun flower, best loved flower for me, the silver border is a part of the dog food bag

looks good






squares with different stitches, plus red peppers the beads are from shells



page 6page-6




last page features the chicken scratch stitch, I did’t have any gingum so I used a print that I could regulate as squares

Where was I ?

I have completed another little project.

I love the color brown, I guess it is the color of Chocolate Brownies,Fudge. All those things I love.The center piece of embroidery is done on a linen. I guess the circle is my favorite form at this time. I have tried several different threads, added beads and buttons, I love the way it looks. buttons