interfacing that has been paintedI hate to be without something to do. The two dolls are working well. Then my favorite magazine Quilting Arts came in the mail this month. I think I read cover to cover. Each page is filled with wonderful things. An article about a non woven interfacing caught my eye. Then I began to get an idea of a project. The product is called Lutradur, it is an interfacing that was used industrial places. But as always Crafters find ways to use almost any thing. I had some left over from another project.  This material is great to use you can paint,transfer,draw and it is “tuff” enough to sew through. I cut several pieces to the size of a sheet of paper. Then with some fabric paint I watered down, I brushed a light coat of silver and yellow onto the sheets. I let them dry, didn’t take long out doors. Brought them into the sewing room and pressed them. At this point the material is rather stiff. It goes into my printer just like a sheet of paper. Using one of my Clip Art programs I printed Victorian Ladies, and odds and ends. The Lutradur is not opaque , so light shines through. I also took a sheet of craft interfacing 14X14 inches and a smaller piece and painted them with the fabric paints. using lots of water to get the effect of colors blending. I painted the larger one yellow, red , and magenta. The smaller one in greens.Hung them up to dry.