Getting bits and pieces of embellishments together. I wanted to do a dragon fly in similar colors to the printed one. I have lots of pieces of tulle and illusion to play with. Found the right color combinations, but needed to combine them. Misty fuse to the rescue. I wanted to fuse some tulle over a dark blue organza , wanted to use both green and pale blue. Also had a purple organza needed to put a gold over that. I had bits of Misty fuse that I had painted or spritzed with a purple color. I used that to glue the fabrics together. I use silicon sheets of paper as a press cloth for some things, but could only find one. Really didn’t want to take a chance with getting stuck to something. Only on hand thing was a coffee filter. It worked like a charm. Saving the filters for a project. Any way I wanted to post a photo of the fabrics and filter.