I guess having all this time to just enjoy my Golden Years, ROFLOL. ( for those new to Internet this means “rolling on the floor laughing out loud”) I have finished my January Challenge.  Now it is posted. I call the little quilt” My Susan” named after a daughter in law I admire. Now I have the desire to honor the other 2 who are such wonderful girls.

My thought process was to use simple things to express who Susan is. The colors of the quilt are a part of her too. The elegant fabric background suits her just fine. The fabric with the dragon fly is so free feeling, able to sore,glide and move. Those are also qualities. The orange center fabric with the fern imprint is such a warm color and that is another quality.The bottom fabric shows movement also. I used different fabrics to make the other dragonfly. The white embellishment stands for clear, honest, giving, and God Loving . the strip of black and red, represents the abilities to even in hard times to charge forward.The pink is for Breast Cancer. She has been there come through and free for more then 5 years. Again the Black stands for one of her accomplishments . She is now a Black Belt in Karate . The blues, are in beads and French Knots. They represent the day to day things we work through.

The piece is not very big. 14 X 9 1/2 inches. It is quilted,free form circles in a gold rayon thread. the backing is a print.The binding is a pink. to hang the little quilt I have used the corner triangles. I guess I need to do a picture of the back. Hope you like the little challenge. I had a wonderful time. All I can say is “Don’t take too long analyzing what you intend, your first thought is often intuitive.”