I knew the Challenge for January had to have 3 parts. This is the second part. The little quilt is called My Terra: for next DIL . It has more movement in it. The background fabric is a washed denim, an old dress. This was just the right fabric for this quilt. A piece of beige fabric that has splatter marks forms a soft movement from top to bottom. This represents travel in life.  Not physical travel;but the spirit and style moving, learning, reaching out to grasp more information about her world. On the road are little green flowers. The represent the stops she makes to listen and learn. on the left bottom are a series of blocks. Each is a container of who she is. Across the upper layer is a band of fabric in an animal print. The fabrics are a love of animals. Terra has been known to stop her car, get out and move a turtle that may be trying to get over to the other side of a road. Taking it out of danger. I often wonder, does the turtle say, “Wow, what just happened, I sure got here fast”. On the upper right side is another block , these stand for her love of family. In the center area are French knots and beads. Again I often use this element to show the daily grind, the things  we have at  each day. I didn’t put a binding. I did a pillow case finish,but I added a fringe to the bottom. I think of these as things she touches. She is such a warm, loving person. I just adore her.