I have finally finished the last little quilt for my January Challenge. This little quilt is called My Sonia, another DIL. I decided to get a little bold. She loves red, and she is from New Mexico. She loves Native Art. And she works all the time! She is warm, and smiling, but shy, or quiet. I admire her strengths. Family and home are important to her.

img_0433my-sonia.jpg Red is Sonia’s favorite color. The Indian motif is something she admires. So I decided to use some different materials for this quilt. The designs are fabric. I had one 6 inch block from a charm pack. Cut into strips applied an iron on adhesive and set aside. I wanted to use some writing to represent her work, she is a Legal secretary for several lawyers.The only thing I had was some scrapbook paper; that had writing on it. Not what I envisioned but had to try. I kept thinking of a circle, the little dancing figures kept me thinking circles. Looked around and found a bunch of coffee filters I am saving. Did a rubbing with a paint stick over a texture plate. I like the way it looked. Began to assemble the different areas. Did some embroidery, and beading, plus free motion stitching.

There is a tendency for the fabric to curl. But I think it will flatten out soon. This is it for the Trilogy of the DIL challenge for January.