I have been somewhat busy this last week, having computer problems. I have tried to work in a project now and then. This is a homework project from the Art Quilt Workbook. The task was to make a small quilt from a photo, not printing the photo, but working from a drawing. I didn’t have any photos I wanted to use, so I choose my dear partner, Missy . I used a photo I had and blew it up making a photo of her face, then I printed it in MISSYblack and white. Using tracing paper,I did a drawing of the areas of her face.  Next with freezer paper I traced the design onto the dull side. I did each part separate from the next, so that when I cut them out they were not attached. Had to make sure they were numbered. I numbered the tracing photo to match the cut outs.

Next I began to fuse the fabric I had chosen . Then I add the freezer paper to the front of the fabric and cut the design. Using a muslin backing I began to Fuse the parts in place. After that I used thread painting to stitch the accents. Later I attached everything to the quilt fabric . It was not an easy thing, I try to do things seated, I can’t stand much. So even with double checking things don’t always come out right.