February has slipped in on me, I am not quite finished with January! But I guess I have to follow the flow.Have been trying to stitch each day. Had a few bad health days, but got to push on.  I have finished the Doll Challenge project, will not post her until after the due date, which is the Friday before Easter.In fact I have got both dolls finished, and have been playing around with another girl. Have also finished a little quilt from the workbook, one of my leaf series. Will try and get pictures this weekend.

We just had Mardi Gras, that was on Tuesday. I do not attend anymore, but enjoy looking at the parades on TV. Don’t know if you know or heard about the Mardi Gras Indians. It is a group of black men who formed an organization way back . On that day they dress in costumes that they created and have sewn all year, the shirt and pants, and headdress and fablous . Made from long plumed feathers in brilliant colors, and covered with sequins and stones in designs. They walk around the parade route dancing and singing. People love to see the wonderful costumes, a great New Orleans tradition.

On the first of February the Take It Further Challenge, produced a new idea and some really great colors. The idea is about recollections, things you remember in your time here on  the planet.As we grow , we learn and are introduced into lots of new things, what memories do you remember. What things in this 20th Century are amazing to you. Think of all the things that have come along. Inventions, medicine, food, (cloning).   I have been writing down things I remember, next I want to plan a project to represent them. So come back and see what I have come up with.