I have been taking a few moments this last week to study the  Art Quilt  Workbook. The Chapter 4 is about Fabric Collage. I put some of the elements of the chapter into this study.Leaf 2This is Leaf 2.

The background fabric has been altered with a band of red fabric and two bands of a old gold ribbon. I seamed the elements together to form a base design. On the red fabric I did 3 small and 1 large ginkgo.They have been fused with Mysty Fuse. Coloring on the large leaf are gold paint sticks and a few stroked of Pastel in green. The decorative stitching is one of my favorites . The small beads add sparkle.

On the left side I placed two patches of the blue, stitched in blanket stitch in lime green(my favorite color right now) I wanted to place some twigs on them. But it has been raining and all the twig are WET, so in looking in my embellishments I found some hand made beads. The were painted in a rust color, and look somewhat like a twigs.The beads are made out of tyvek, (that white house wrap or the white bags so many mail order supplies come  in). I painted the silver side with craft paints; rolled them around a long match.  After drying over night, I cut them with my kitchen shears, don’t use good ones. I did long strips 1 1/2 – 2 Inches long. It helps to put a spot of glue on the end to hold together. Some I wrapped with threads.I used my heat gun to work on changing the texture . Since this is a plastic I where a respirator, or do this outside. The tyvek will start to bubble and shrink onto itself. You can add texture by rolling the hot bead in beads,micro glass. Test all the things you think of to keep yourself safe and not hurt.  Anyway I put them onto the fabric and then did a pillowcase back. What do you think?