I guess I should blog more. I see many folks who blog daily. My life isn’t that exciting anymore. Today I am working on the TIF project. Hopefully I will get it finished by Sunday, then I can post. My TIF is going to be a little quilt that remembers. Or has my remembers.LOL I probably go back too far. All these young artists won’t understand . Their  world is so different . Things have changed so much. I started to think about my world, the bigger world, all the world. I do not know the numbers, but I bet that in the last 100 years more inventions, discoveries, finds have taken place in any  other time . Think about the babies born since 2000, they are in a world where communication, has changed so much. The Internet for one thing was not around 50 years ago. In their world it will be there and this will seem funny to them. I do not have the imagination to picture their communication skills. Amazing.