I hope you are able to understand my project! I sure had fun making it. The topic was remembering. I had a fun time trying to get through all my years of memory!Which has faded a lot, in the last few years.

But here goes my project. I wanted to make a scroll type thing. But I think I failed.LOL The material I used for the printing is called Lutradur, made by Pellon. Ir is a non-woven polyester interfacing. It can be drawn ,sewn, and painted on.  When painted it gives a filtered light appearance. I painted a blue fabric paint on the surface, using a large amount of water. Hung it up to dry. Next I did a list of things I tried to convay as memories. decided to have some fun with the project. I printed clip art onto more Lutradur. Cut all to size and sewed them onto fabric, with batting inside to form little quilts.Added embellishments of beads,ribbons,string. Bright buttons help hold things together. I love humor in some art work. Especially mine!

Let me know what you think!  Waiting for March, My Birthday Month!