I think that is what she is img_0466.jpgcalled? Anyway, sometime ago I signed up to make a doll for a Forum I belong to, the challenge is due in March. Title is A Wild Trendy Doll. So never knowing what was needed I jumped right in. I landed on my head! I don’t know how to do this.. looked around and saw all kinds of handmade dolls. I knew I couldn’t create something like that. They were fabulous! So I just decided to make the best of my ideas and created 3  dolls. Two I will not post yet, you’ve seen parts of them. But I will share my idea of a Wild Trendy Gal. I thought about fabrics.Do have lots of cottons, no flesh colored knits. Yes , I know I could have bought some. But I made a challenge to myself! USE WHAT YOU HAVE.  So that is what I did. Anyway, I started looking in the stash. Found some yarns I really like and decided to use for hair. I had a deep red yarn just right for a redhead, as I worked I started to hum the Peanuts theme. They she told me who she was.  Charlie Brown’s, Little Redhead Girl all grown up and living a life of fun, work and dedication. So here she is.