I’ve finished another little quilt  from the ART QUILT WORKBOOK. This project includes the use of found objects. My stick is covered with lichen, I brought it into the house and let it dry. Often it falls off when drying. But not this time. I used a acrylic medium to coat and dry. The string was in the back shed. and the wonderful rust colored circles are dyed mother of pearl.

The fabrics are part of the series I choose to tie the quilts together. I will probably do one or two more. Then the fabric will be gone.

I have got to say, I have enjoyed this Workbook. Lots of the projects I have done over the years. But if you are new to Art Quilts I do recommend this book. It is well written and illustrated. Makes you want to do the work. the authors are Jane Davila and Elin Waterston.  Hope you find it as good as I do. And I am in no way associated with any one .