April Tif was about change,I naturally thought of my health. It is changing a lot.

But I vow to hang in there, my fabric and threads are my life line. So again I started to think of change and what I wanted to express. I think color is a wonderful thing. The color pallet for this month was lovely, I guess I lean to the fall colors much more then pink/blue  they are beautiful colors, I am making a baby quilt for new G.Grandson with all those colors in the quilt. But the darker, I call them velvety colors are so beautiful too. So I decided to play with some paints and dyes. This is certainly change, white to something different! I took small scraps of white and treated them to be RFD. Looking at my supplies I start changed, I am trying to follow the “use it up/reuse/recycle” so no new paints or dyes. Find another way, this gave me the opportunity to do some RUST dying. Found some rusty nails and things, a grater, that was all rusty. Took my fabric wet it.wrapped it around the grater, placed nails and stuff on top. Put all in a zip lock bag and poured a cup or so of vinegar into the bag. Made  sure the fabric was wet. zipped the bag and set it aside.