I love Sunday Mornings, we do church on Saturday Evening, so Sunday is a time I use to read the papers, but I don’t get delivery anymore. So I go online and read the things that are going on in the world. But I must be honest, I know longer read every word on War,Ecomony,and the terrible things people do to each other, so in todays news, there isn’t much left.

But I think reading some Blogs of people we are “friends” this is a nice way of sharing. I use the word friends, even though we have never met,some we don’t know much about, but friends never the less, because we are sharing something of ourselves, in our projects. 

The projects we create are wonderful parts of our whole self. And we share that with others. I see wonderful things created by those with great works, and small works with folks just beginning to craft. Each is a gift of the person, and wonderful to see.

So to all my Friends, I say “Have a simple, pleasurable and joyful Sunday Morning!Hosta and friend