This month the challenge was to figure out what you call yourself, crafter/artist?

I took my time trying to figure out, what I was!

I belong to a Quilt Arts Forum, I lurk most of the time. But there is so much to learn, I think there are about 3000 members, from all over. Just like Sharon B’s Site.

I guess one of the ladies brought the question to the forum, it was fun  to see how people define themselves, the answers are still coming in.  Many are well known Art Quilters, who have won lots of awards. Most don’t say much other then I am an artist.  I tried to define myself. I did a list of things I did or do that are art related or  craft things.

I’ve sewn for 60 years.   Clothing, Home Decor, toys, monsters, costumes. And a Wedding Dress. I’ve done most of the crafts that have been popular. I crochet, hate knitting, love embroidery. I   did paint, I like still life. But my fingers and coordination are not as good as they use to be.

I do find it great that so many young people are getting into the swing of crafter,sewer, what ever you wish to call it.

  I think the simple way for me to identify me is a quilter, who loves to sew.

 Below this post is a quilt I have just finished, I do think it will be one of the last larger projects. But I still love to sew.