Below are several projects I worked on this weekend. They are painted with fabric paint ;Setacolor Soleil. Some pieces are over dyes, others are stamped. The design on them is a plastic doily, with the sun paints you can create a design. On one I used a stencil to do the Morning Glories. The other designs are made with rubbing plates and Oil Pastels, when dry, I did let them sit overnight.  I ironed the fabrics to set the colors. Later I washed them in tap water to remove the mordant that I had put the fabric in. Mordants are things like alum, vinegar, salt, to help set colors. I used a batch I had made from commercial chemicals. I’m pleased that the paints have not smeared, or wiped off. But I don’t think I would put them in a washer. Small pieces like these I use in Quilted Art.  Above all it was a fun project.