I have finished my project for June.  When I read the post from Sharon B. my thoughts were to use fabric from my stash to show change. I began to go through many of the material and thinking about what I could do. The ideas were nice, but not the right project.

Since I am a TV addict I watch all kinds of programs. One of my favorite had just returned, MEERKAT MANOR. I worried because; Flower the matriarch ,had died, the family was falling apart, how could they return, what direction would they go.

I started to dream up a scene, several members had decided the Kalahari Desert had become too sandy, so they began to look for an up-grade. Real Estate is a big market. What way to go? 

I don’t know how many of you get that idea, and it becomes something else, there was no way I could do anything until that quilt was made. Now it is finished. And it made a pretty good idea for change.  So here is my project.