I can’t believe it has been two months since I last posted to my site.
I am not very good at making small talk.
Right now I am working on some small quilts for a Challenge from Quilting Arts group, nothing official. Each year so many members travel to Houston for the International Quilt Show. So we the “stay at homes” try to do small quilts to send to Ami Sims Foundation for Research to Cure Alzheimer’s. We do what we call “Priority Quilts, (named after the USPS Envelopes. ) So far I have 2 made. Each month a selected amount are put online to be bid on. A good way to make money for a very needed cause.
I have gotten very far behind in the TIF Challenge, but slowly will work it through. I get bogged down by my brain, I think too much! LOL

Priority Quilts