Several months ago, the forum I am on, was talking about different fibers and papers to use in Art quilts. Someone wondered if the Dog Food bags that we get dry dog food in had ever been experiments. No absolute remedies for them came about. So last week I decided to experiment . I cut the bag open, and trimmed the bottom off. To my surprise the inside shiny stuff is only glued to the top of the bag. I am not sure what the product is.It is backed with a brown paper bag like layer. I tried to separate them but only destroyed the surface. I guess it is a thin layer of aluminum, and it is embossed in vertical lines. After smoothing the paper out;trying not to loose the embossing, I attempted to lightly brush color onto the surface. Using a foam brush I applied a section with Pebeo Setacolor. The paint went on smoothly, but settled in the lines that are formed on each side of the ridges. Next I tried Jacquard Textile Paint, it also set into the lines on each side of the ridges.  I tried a craft paint, the same effect. I then used a Paint Stick, I saw right away I would loose texture, so I used a embossing plate under the section. I did not really feel the covering was anything different then the 3 other paints. Until I tried rubbing the area with a paper towel. That sent color into the shine, but it would have to be used with the plate. I used my heat gun on a small corner, I was afraid it would catch on fire. The out come was a  Tan color on top of the paints with some of the ridges .