First look at my project for S Surface’s will be a Postcard. I had to substitute a larger weave fabric then the lovely one I had bought just for this class. But it has to do. I can not see well enough to work with anything smaller. LOL img_0693post-card11The off center design I carved with a soft stamp material. Stamped it with beige paint. The frame around the stamp is a Portuguese Stem Stitch done with a cotton #8 Finca cotton. Next stitch is a Herringbone Stitch done  in cream Finca #8. Above that is a straight stitch with  a variegation purl cotton.Then with a heavier cotton in a pink/cream is a border of

squared Palestrina Knots. I did not make uniform stitching, I wanted each area to stand alone. The long rows of mixed color are buttonhole stitches is various sizes. To the side of the stamp are simple cross stitches. Now I need to plan what to do with the stamped daisy.