I have finished my November Challenge for Take It Further. A lot of interest in simple letters; in caps or small, words, numbers, printed subjects are used by Artists as a form of expression.

Sharon B, our teacher for this challenge, suggested that we look at Typography.

novemberThis is my attempt.  I used the word TRY. something I use in my life. We can’t get further if we don’t try.

The little quilt is stamped with the words. I usea my printer for the running text. I used some foam letters to stamp the purple TRY.

Played with several inks to add color. Then I stitched colorful thread all the areas in between the rows.

At the bottom are a defination for Experiment. This came from an old Roget’s Thesaurus. I decided on the word Experiment because that is what TRY really is.  Now to get bacvk to the UFO’s