The wonderful class for Sumptuous Surfaces by Sharon B. on has finished, the 6 week course just flew by. Sharon is such a great teacher, Her lessons help you to understand each step of creating an embroidery . I really get a lot out of her work. If you are serious about learning more, this is the class to take.If you are just starting to learn to embroidery this class will be hard to keep up. I don’t know how many took the course, but only about 10 took the time to do some work and use the forum to share, ask questions, most of the posts were I’m so busy right now,I can’t catch up. I don’t understand that idea. I know Sharon must feel bad when the response is so slim.

Ok, got that off my chest.  (somewhat!) LOL

Will try and upload some of the work I have been doing,

daisy-done1This is the first piece I did. Posted the beginning lower on the blog.

the stamp was hand made, I carved only a 1/4 of the daisy. Around the edges I have embroideried a frame of various stitches, beads, buttons. It mesaures 6×4 like a postcard.The colors are in different shades of white and ecru. The beads are small woodenin natural colors.