I have been working on things for the class. That now it is over I need to find a new project. So today I am trying to rap up my unfinished TIF months. I think for October was to describe or tell how you sue your workspace. I posted one photo of the doorway to my little room. will try to finish. It’s not a pretty site. So if clutter is not your thing skip this part.

 The dresser contains all kinds of sewing supplies and on top are CDs

The computer sits in front of the dresser.

famiyThis little quilt represents my family. Next to it is coffee. on top of that is the forrest circle.




 Next to that is my sewing machine table .

sewing-machineThe machine is a Singer Futura, it also has an embroidery unit





 Next will be some fabricfabrics. I have lots of fabric stored in Plastic containers also

the doors are always open I guess, on the outside is my photo gallery of Grands and family.


 Impossible to show all my junk. Too hard to unpack.

Now for UFOSufo



 Black jacket that is now a UFO

That all for today…





































This dresser sits across from the door. It is full of embelishments, patterns lots of threads and “stuff:


several purse and bags hang on the pulls   d  on top are several hundred CDs. plus I just can’t throw away a card someone sends, they are in the basket.



Next to that is the computer.