The wonderful class for Sumptuous Surfaces by Sharon B. on has finished, the 6 week course just flew by. Sharon is such a great teacher, Her lessons help you to understand each step of creating an embroidery . I really get a lot out of her work. If you are serious about learning more, this is the class to take.If you are just starting to learn to embroidery this class will be hard to keep up. I don’t know how many took the course, but only about 10 took the time to do some work and use the forum to share, ask questions, most of the posts were I’m so busy right now,I can’t catch up. I don’t understand that idea. I know Sharon must feel bad when the response is so slim.

Ok, got that off my chest.  (somewhat!) LOL

Will try and upload some of the work I have been doing,

daisy-done1This is the first piece I did. Posted the beginning lower on the blog.

the stamp was hand made, I carved only a 1/4 of the daisy. Around the edges I have embroideried a frame of various stitches, beads, buttons. It mesaures 6×4 like a postcard.The colors are in different shades of white and ecru. The beads are small woodenin natural colors.


Just wanted to share a bit of news with you. Sharon B. of In a Minute ago, has moved her blog and taken a new name for it too.   PIN TANGLE

So don’t panic if you have lost the old site, just follow the Yellow Brick Road!

I have worked the last week on the project I was doing for the Sumptuous Surfaces class I am taking from Australian Teacher Sharon B. at

I feel like the piece is finished. I see lots of things I would do differently. But it is finished! That means I am learning the lessons from the classes.

You can teach an old dog new tricks.  LOL


I have been behind in my Take it Further challenge, but I have now finished my October Challenge.

I had to think about my space, (the place where I work) I am trying to define it as a Studio, but it is really my All Room! I compute here, I sew here, I bead here. My medications are in here. I spent lots of time here. I can think here. I can cry here.

But most of all I sew here.

My Space

My Space

This is a shot of the doorway.The walls,corners,floor, are all filled with projects. I do what I do because that part of me that needs to create comes out.

Later I’ll try and post other areas. Not much surface area is without something,

The Black Tote on the hanger is a new UFO that has been two years in bits and pieces.

Black Tote

Black Tote

Here is a closer look at my Tote, plan to use it for yarns, that are over flowing the other  container. The fabric inserts are quilting ladies in various stages of work. Hope you like it.

I have finished my November Challenge for Take It Further. A lot of interest in simple letters; in caps or small, words, numbers, printed subjects are used by Artists as a form of expression.

Sharon B, our teacher for this challenge, suggested that we look at Typography.

novemberThis is my attempt.  I used the word TRY. something I use in my life. We can’t get further if we don’t try.

The little quilt is stamped with the words. I usea my printer for the running text. I used some foam letters to stamp the purple TRY.

Played with several inks to add color. Then I stitched colorful thread all the areas in between the rows.

At the bottom are a defination for Experiment. This came from an old Roget’s Thesaurus. I decided on the word Experiment because that is what TRY really is.  Now to get bacvk to the UFO’s

First look at my project for S Surface’s will be a Postcard. I had to substitute a larger weave fabric then the lovely one I had bought just for this class. But it has to do. I can not see well enough to work with anything smaller. LOL img_0693post-card11The off center design I carved with a soft stamp material. Stamped it with beige paint. The frame around the stamp is a Portuguese Stem Stitch done with a cotton #8 Finca cotton. Next stitch is a Herringbone Stitch done  in cream Finca #8. Above that is a straight stitch with  a variegation purl cotton.Then with a heavier cotton in a pink/cream is a border of

squared Palestrina Knots. I did not make uniform stitching, I wanted each area to stand alone. The long rows of mixed color are buttonhole stitches is various sizes. To the side of the stamp are simple cross stitches. Now I need to plan what to do with the stamped daisy.

img_0690dog-food-bagThis is the experiment. Please go to the post below this. It will explain the photo.

Left side Pebo Setacolor

below that is the  Jacquard Textile paint

to the right is the Craft paint

the left red markings are by the Paint Stick

on the right bottom is the brownish look of the heat gun. the dark blue line on the right is not really a line, it is the bending of the light on the object.

Check the next post for details.