I have completed another little project.

I love the color brown, I guess it is the color of Chocolate Brownies,Fudge. All those things I love.The center piece of embroidery is done on a linen. I guess the circle is my favorite form at this time. I have tried several different threads, added beads and buttons, I love the way it looks. buttons


This is the second little project.This little piece is a practice on pin wheels. To top it off I have a blue chennile ribbon wrapped around.Beading fills in . This was fun to stitch.blues

Fabric BirdsFound a pattern for these birds, when I find the print out I did I’ll add the URL so you can copy too.

Bits and Pieces Over the last 6 weeks I have been busy with a on line course on Joggles.com taught by Sharon B. the course was how to establish and work from an Art Journal. It was a fabulous time. I have kept journals for years, but this helped me to pull together things I needed to create a better work list for projects, ideas, and bits of what catches your eye. As I learned I played with fabrics and stitches, beads, and just explored my own way. And this has really open up a lot of ideas to work on.

Next year if the course is offered try to take it, well worth the creative leap you make.

Note: the pattern for the birds can be found at:


I have neglected my blog for a long time. I will try to get back into the swing of blogging. I started the blog this year. It was a part of the challenge by Sharon B. that wonderful teacher,blogger,artist. So many words to describe her. I think the most important is a caring women who is willing to  share her passion for fabric arts with people of the same interests.

So now I will try to share what I have been up to for a few months. I started getting interested in beads and beading a few years ago. My interest is in the cuff type bracelets that have been around for centeries. I was not sure how to go about learning how to, so naturally the internet provided lots of information and from there you just need to practice. That is what I have been doing.