Merry Christmas to all my family and friends.  Keep God in your Christmas.



This is the last month for the year long Take It Further embroidery challenge. I have tried to keep up, but I am sure I didn’t get everything done.

The topic of this month is Generosity. What is it? Webster says noble minded, willing to give or share: unselfish; large; ample. I am sure we all feel some form of Generosity in our life.  

I have changed so much in my life,that the word means something different each time I think about it.

I no longer give gifts on Christmas, family is scattered and really I would not be able to give them anything that they all ready have, maybe 2 or 3. My Grandkids are now getting to the point that money is a bigger gift so they can get their own stuff! So that is what I have done. I live on a small retirement ,so I need to be aware of spending.

After all is said and done, I still feel the need to give. While surfing one day I found a blog that was interesting, it’s called The Children’s Cup. They are wonderful Christian people who are living their lives with children who are orphans, and also victums of HIV from birth.

The members of the group, feed many children, try to help them with school. On and On. These people are more then generous. I have been helping with support and it is the best gift that has returned more times then expected. I would love to share more. But you can see for yourself. Just google the Children’s Cup.This is in Africa.

Well that is my feelings on Generousity.

Below will be the project for December

little-houseThis little embroidry is done on Aida cloth. the house and sky are color pencil. The garden are several types of ribbon and threads. Glass beads in shape of flowers have been added.Size about 5X8 inches. The idea is not original in Elegant Stitches by Judith Baker Montano she has a cottage that is lovely. I decided to do my version

To connect to the topic. I think the little house is for my sons who will always see this as home.