I have completed another little project.

I love the color brown, I guess it is the color of Chocolate Brownies,Fudge. All those things I love.The center piece of embroidery is done on a linen. I guess the circle is my favorite form at this time. I have tried several different threads, added beads and buttons, I love the way it looks. buttons


This is the second little project.This little piece is a practice on pin wheels. To top it off I have a blue chennile ribbon wrapped around.Beading fills in . This was fun to stitch.blues

img_0690dog-food-bagThis is the experiment. Please go to the post below this. It will explain the photo.

Left side Pebo Setacolor

below that is the  Jacquard Textile paint

to the right is the Craft paint

the left red markings are by the Paint Stick

on the right bottom is the brownish look of the heat gun. the dark blue line on the right is not really a line, it is the bending of the light on the object.

Check the next post for details.