This is a small Journal I have started for my DIL Terra.

img_0752The cover is decorated in ribbons and lace.








erikFirst page with Terra’s name and son Erik, butterfly wings and big hat





shoesthe back cover with some green shoes!

pages in the journal have bits and pieces of handwork which she likes.





I did not fill the pages with all kinds of stuff, that’s her job, she is a pretty good photographer, so the journal will be for notes and copies. She will add what she needs. Terra is also a beader, her ideas and work are so delicate.


Fabric BirdsFound a pattern for these birds, when I find the print out I did I’ll add the URL so you can copy too.

Bits and Pieces Over the last 6 weeks I have been busy with a on line course on taught by Sharon B. the course was how to establish and work from an Art Journal. It was a fabulous time. I have kept journals for years, but this helped me to pull together things I needed to create a better work list for projects, ideas, and bits of what catches your eye. As I learned I played with fabrics and stitches, beads, and just explored my own way. And this has really open up a lot of ideas to work on.

Next year if the course is offered try to take it, well worth the creative leap you make.

Note: the pattern for the birds can be found at: